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The Union Budget covers almost all aspects of the economy, but nothing is more looked forward to than tax-related announcements. This is when the government announces changes in both direct and indirect taxes.

Let’s look at how the Budget changed tax rules this year:

1)      Income Tax: This year’s Budget had no changes in the income tax slabs or the exemption limit. Instead, the...

The Union Budget is one of the most important events in the world of business and finance. It has a resounding impact on everyone – individuals, economy, markets, investors and even companies.

Here is a look at the 10 most important announcements in the recent Budget for the fiscal year 2016-17:

1)      Fiscal Deficit: The financial markets track the government’s fiscal deficit c...

Tough regulatory reforms and a sharp decline in the stock market made 2015–16 a tough year for mutual funds. The industry was looking at yesterday’s budget for announcements that would revive investor interest. Here are five key points from Budget 2016 that affect the mutual fund sector.

Capital gains tax:

Investors who switch plans within the same mutual fund scheme pay capital gains tax. This has...

The Union Budget is one of the biggest events in the world of Business and Finance. And it’s not for nothing – every single individual in the country is affected either directly or indirectly by the Budget announcements.

The biggest directly effect is on your tax payments. Here’s how Budget affects your taxes:

1) Income Tax: Every individual who earns an income either through a salary, professional...

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